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" Clearly a better solution."

TribalSketch, ArtAffirm and OnTimeProof - one Integrated Solution with Web Store front, Online Preflighting, Online PDF Editing and Layout, Ripping, Trapping and Soft Proofing!

Lucid Dream Software, Inc. announces the integration of it's complete product line into one major solution for the printing industry!

After several years of development Lucid brings together all the pieces into one complete package. Try it out today, register your sample account at the main site -- www.tribalsketch.com select any product and create a project.

Tribalsketch is a complete Web Store Front solution with online web marketing that is Search Engine friendly. It includes unlimited product and user support, pricing calculator for easy product configuration and user pricing, Sales Tax Calculation, Shipping calculation. Full shopping cart support with credit card processing and order management.

ArtAffirm is a user art management system that is built using the latest HTML5 Rich Internet Application technology into a browser based tool. Users can upload their art in all popular formats, it is then automatically preflighted using a powerful engine and reported back in a very simple user friendly fashion. Users can then edit the art in the layout of the exact specs for the product with freestyle control of positioning, scaling, rotation, layering and more. Final designs are then converted to print production ready PDF files and one last preflight is done.

ArtAffirm Wiki is the place where users can get details and instructions about how to solve problems with art work. Missing Fonts from and InDesign document - No Problem, the ArtAffirm Wiki has the answers to these and many other issues. A community available solution where print production problems can be documented and help enabled.

OnTimeProof automatically receives the online PDF files and rips, traps and produces the final production file as well as an online zoomable proof. Approved proofs can then be added to the TribalSketch shopping cart for final checkout.

Finally a Web to Print storefront solution that is customer focused and packaged in a "You Host it - You Own It" model at a very affordable price. We recently went live at http://www.hhimaging.com and http://www.ecolithprinting.com - everything at these sites are designed by and powered by TribalSketch as is our initial project at http://www.photoalbum.com

TribalSketch is different from "Traditional" print management systems and printer web sites in several ways. First TribalSketch has been developed from the start with the user perspective in mind, instead of being an existing print management system with a "Web Front end" being shoe horned in.

So what is TribalSketch?

  1. A Professionally designed web site.  We start by working with you to build a website that matches your needs and goals. This includes logo design and site layout.  The site is built to make it easy for you to maintain and update using standard web design tools such as DreamWeaver.
  2. A Web 2.0 Viral Marketing site. Using the latest web 2.0 technologies TribalSketch is built to provide your users with an experience they will enjoy and tell their friends about. The various viral technologies and tools will help your users bring you more business and improve your search engine rankings as well.
  3. Online Print Estimating and Job Configuration. Make it easy for your users to do business with you by providing them products, options, and pricing! Unlike traditional Printing Estimating software that is difficult to use and only works on the machine it is licensed for, TribalSketch provides you a web estimating backend configurator and allows your users to get their printing quotes online. Online print estimates also help your sales channel quote print jobs onsite.
  4. Online Page Layout. TribalSketch enables browser based online print design. Working in any Flash enabled browser the web page design tool is both full featured and easy to use. Combined with upload capabilities and support for a broad range of file formats, including PDF-EPS, users can upload and build final layouts right in their browser.
  5. Online "Flip Proof". This unique real "Paper" looking online proof lets your users flip through the pages or sides of their design in a real interactive fashion. As part of the "Viral" aspect of the site users can "share" their Flip Proofs online or post them to their website or blog. These will link back to your site.
  6. Design and Proof management. To encourage repeat use of your site, TribalSketch manages your users ongoing and completed designs. Users can come back time and time again, reuse old designs or create new designs from old ones.
  7. Online Print Ordering. Easy to use printers online storefront helps you get the sale! Bring your printshop online with a wide range of ecommerce print ordering options.
  8. JDF MIS and Workflow Integration. TribalSketch integrates with both MIS and production workflows through both JDF and hot folder capabilities.
  9. Ongoing Feature Additions and Enhancements. Become a member of our team and help us drive this product forward. Our customers are significant contributors to the project. Contact us today to find out what new features are coming next!
Kimosetter Rip. Follow this link for information about the new rip offerings for the Kimoto Kimosetter CTP.  
Interactive & Automated Trapping! Works with Harlequin Scriptworks Rip, Heidelberg Delta Rip, ArtQuest Rip, and TIFF/IT P1 data formats. Visit our site at www.trapping.org.  
OnTimeProof II. - the only web-based soft proofing solution that seemlessly integrates within your Delta workflow! OnTimeProof® provides automated remote viewing of Delta jobs with standard web browsers. Visit our site at www.ontimeproof.com.  
TIFF/ITflow, and DCSflow - Conversion tools for Delta jobs to industry-standard formats Tiff/IT and DCS2.
Connectivity tools for DuPont's color printers via CROMAflow.


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TaskForce Workflow

Lucid Dream Software, Inc. is currently offering a special price on our TaskForce workflow solution (Lucid Price List). This product is a very high end - soup to nuts solution for any size print shop.

It includes an unlimited user license of our popular OnTimeProof product. This gives you a complete web solution for customers to submit jobs with Job Ticketing and to automate your production of these files.

It includes our TaskForce workflow with full Harlequin Vs 8 Rip, I-Trap auto trapping, and the full range of I-Trap plugins including both I-PDFxM and I-Tone. Using I-PDFxM and I-JPEG you can create soft proof files of your jobs and automatically upload them back to your OnTimeProof web server for online proofing.

It includes the new INPO2 Atom imposition plugin for Acrobat from Dynagram. When combined with either the PDFXM or TIFF Pager PDF export capabilities - this allows you to easily create impositions of your ripped/trapped and soft proofed jobs.

It includes the I-Tone plugin - high quality Hybrid Screening to export calibrated and screened 1 bit TIFF files.

It includes TIFF Pager to automatically create PDF or DCS files from your 1 bit TIFF files. These can be used for a wide varitey of purposes including Archiving, Soft Proofing, dot proofing to standard ink jet devices, and much much more!

It includes 45 days of training and support.

Contact Lucid or your local dealer today!


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