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Kimosetter Rip Win Please see info for the Windows installer at the above link.

Kimosetter Rip Mac
Click link above to download the 70 meg installer disk image.

Current Mac Version is:
8.0.5, updated with fixed thinning and new printing module with correct line feed ajustment support - This is for Mac OSX 10.4 and higher on PPC and Intel platforms - including 64 bit
Release date: Dec 2013

Kimosetter Rip Mac
Click link above to download the 122 meg installer disk image.

Release Mac Version is:
8.0.5, updated with high-quality screening suitable for color printing and 1080 resolution. This version is for Intel-based MAC only.
Release date: Dec 2013

Rip User Guide (MAC)  
Adobe PS driver  
Rip PPD's  
Sentinel Dongle Driver
This is the Sentinel Dongle Driver for the Macintosh and is only needed if you will be using a dongle instead of a printer license.
Samples' generator
This is the helper WIN application to fine tune screening settings in the RIP.
Unzip this archive, it goes automatically into a folder, and run the application.

David Lewis Blog  

Kimosetter Rip

Version 8 is Now Released!!!


The Lucid Kimosetter Rip includes everything you need to rip and output screened plates to your Kimosetter through the USB interface. Works with any Kimosetter 340, Kimosetter 340i, and Kimosetter 410. The Lucid Kimosetter Rip is available from any Kimosetter dealer or contact Lucid directly for information. The Kimosetter utilizes a thermal ribbon transfer printing method that is a major improvement over laser based polyster plate devices. There is no heat (except right in the print head) so there is no shrinkage in the polyster plate. With plate sizes up to 16" x 20" it is perfect for most all printing presses using polyester plates. There is no post processing so plates are press ready as soon as they come out of the Kimosetter printer. The Kimosetter and Kimoplate in combination with the Lucid Kimosetter Rip make a perfect desktop platemaking system!

The Lucid Kimosetter Rip runs on all platforms - All versions of Windows from 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 both 32 bit and 64 bit AND all Mac platforms including PPC and Intel Mac's.



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