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Lucid Dream Software, Inc. Profile

Lucid Dream Software, Inc. consists of a growing team of professional programmers and experienced technical support staff specializing in virtually all areas of prepress production, networking, and cross-platform development.

Management Team

David Lewis  

David Lewis, President David Lewis was the founder of Premiere Graphics, a computer software development company, where he created DeScipher - one of the very first links between Scitex systems and the Macintosh. Later he merged Premiere with Screaming Color, a leading Midwest prepress house, to form Screaming Technology, Inc., and renamed the product to RIPLINK - the best selling desktop to CEPS linking product in the world.

After Screaming Technology was purchased by Ultimate Technographics, David became the VP of Development for Ultimate. In that capacity, he oversaw the development of such products as Trapeze, and later worked to integrate the trapping engine in Trapeze into the Linotype/Hell Delta Rip as the Delta Trapper.

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Natalia Yegorova  

Natalia Yegorova, Managing Director

Managing Director
Natalia Yegorova Managing Director of the programming team of Lucid Dream Software, Inc.
She and her team have extensive experience in a wide variety of development projects including:
- OnTimeProof remote online proofing;
- Trapping, she and her team worked in development of the RIPLINK Trapping software, the Ultimate Trapeze software, the Heidelberg Delta Trapper software, the Harlequin TrapMaster software, the ArtQuest Trapper, and the Lucid I-Trap software;
- Raster image processing and file format conversion, including TIFF/IT, PDF/X, 1 bit Screening, DCS and PS to name a few;
- Web ASP development and high-speed high reliability projects;
- PostScript interpreters, she headed up the Adobe CPSI development team at Lucid Dream Software, Inc.

Lucid Dream Software, Inc.
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